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Fiber Optic Tube Laser Now Running Production!

Our new Fiber Optic Tube Laser is here and we are ready to make the cut for your parts! Call 1-800-879-4418 or Email us your RFQ today!

Sharpe Products is proud to announce that our new state-of-the-art BLM Fiber Optic Tube Laser is here and is ready for production! This tube laser has many advantages over a traditional CO2 tube laser such as being able to cut copper, brass, bronze, galvanized pipe, and more! READ MORE!

Sharpe Tube Laser Operating

Sharpe Products new fiber optic tube laser is now running production.

Square & Rectangle Cuts off Fiber Optic Tube Laser

This 2-1/2″ square tube and 1″ x 2″ rectangle tube was cut with our fiber optic tube laser. Cuts, copes, holes and slots can be cut in pieces like these in seconds.

Coped nested railing aluminum pieces from tube laser

These 2″ O.D. aluminum pieces were coped and nested to specifically fit together after being cut. This application is perfect when traditional cope connectors would have to be used to connect two pieces of pipe or tube together, such as handrail components.

It’s Arrived! Sharpe’s Fiber Optic Tube Laser Has Been Delivered and is Being Installed!

Our new BLM Fiber Optic Tube Laser has now been delivered and is in the process of being installed and set-up for production! Check out the pics below and visit our website to learn more about our new Fiber Optic Tube Laser Services!

Delivery Day! May 17, 2012


Installation Week! May 21, 2012


Fiber Optic Tube Laser Services Coming to Sharpe Products!

In addition to our pipe and tube bending services, Sharpe now offers Fiber Optic Tube Laser Services! Our new state-of-the-art 3,000 watt BLM Fiber Optic Tube Laser has many advantages over the traditional CO2 tube lasers with its unique cutting capabilities and its increased production speed. With this new addition to our already lean CNC all-electric tube bending machines we now can take traditionally costly fabrication services, such as making holes, slots, and notches, and have them done in a more time efficient and cost-effective way. Saving you time and money on your projects.

CAPACITY FOR THE FIBER OPTIC TUBE LASER: This tube laser can handle up to 6″ O.D. round tube and up to 5″ square tube.*

Tube Laser Cutting Holes          

MATERIAL CAPABILITIES: With its unique ability to process highly reflective materials, the fiber optic tube laser can not only cut traditional materials such as steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, but it can also cut copper, brass, bronze, and galvanized pipe. Aluminum up to 3/8″ thick can be also be cut.**

fiber optic tube laser copper pieces           fiber optic tube laser brass pieces

HANDRAIL & ORNAMENTAL APPLICATIONS: Making copes, notches, holes and more has never been so easy! In seconds the fiber optic tube laser can make coped ends, holes and make cut-offs. Virtually any geometric design can be rapidly created and easily cut.

Laser Cutting Copper Tube          Fiber optic tube laser - ornamental pattern

Delivery for our new tube laser set for May 2012. We are now quoting for production time starting in June! Call 1-800-879-4418 today to discuss your tube laser needs or REQUEST A QUOTE!

NOTES: *When considering our fiber optic tube laser services for your custom projects, please note that material can NOT exceed 10.2 lbs a foot.

**Cutting up to 3/8″ aluminum does have some limitations due to outside diameter dimensions. Please call for more information on these restrictions.

Sharpe Products Types of Tube Bending Processes Featured on TPJ T.V.


Sharpe Products Explains Differences of 4 Types of Tube Bending Processes

Learn about the differences of rotary draw bending, compression bending, tube rolling, and 3D (freeform) tube bending by watching the latest episode of TPJ T.V. from the Sharpe Products facilities.  Watch TPJ T.V. now!

To learn more about our tube bending capabilities, visit our website at

102.9 The HOG Broadcasting LIVE From Sharpe Products!

Bob_Brian Morning Show LogoDon’t miss listening to Milwaukee’s own Bob & Brian Morning Show broadcast LIVE from Sharpe Products facilities on Friday, September 16th, 5:00am to 10:30am! Not in the Milwaukee area?? You will be able to stream it LIVE! Sharpe Products & the HOG….Where Metal Gets Bent! Don’t miss it!

Nissin Tube Bender Delivers Bending Capabilities Unmatched by Conventional Tube Bending

tube bending, pipe bending, tube bends, pipe bends

The Nissin tube bender is ideal for complex parts for production of prototypes, high volume production, and ornamental applications.

Read about Sharpe Products Nissin 3D tube bender in the November 2010 issue of The Fabricator to see the extraordinary advantages that this tube bender has over conventional bending machines. By adding the Nissin tube bender to our capabilities, Sharpe can offer unique tube bending, and pipe bending services that most contract manufacturer/job shops can not.

Read the article

And don’t forget to watch the video of our Nissin tube bender in action!

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